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"One of Charlotte's top artists you should be streaming right now."  

Charlotte WCCB

xtine g is a singer-songwriter originally hailing from Philadelphia but has lived in Charlotte, NC for the better part of a decade. With her solo electric guitar and lilting vocals, she tells deeply personal and intimate stories about love, loss, and finding a place you can call home. Her songwriting is heavily inspired by the expressive melodies of 70s country and folk and by the guitar tone and accessibility of modern indie-pop.


xtine began her journey writing and playing music at the age of 12 armed with a cherry red Fender Squire covered in checkerboard duct tape. Growing up in the punk and hardcore scenes of Philly and Pittsburgh instilled a deep love and appreciation for DIY culture and honest songwriting. However, It wasn't until her mid-twenties that xtine looked back fondly on the music her parents played throughout her childhood--Joni, Gram, and Emmylou--and found her way back to her roots. 


xtine g affectionately says her music lives in a cottage in the same neighborhood as Dolly Parton and Phoebe Bridgers where everyone is welcome--especially if you love sad songs.

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